American Magic: The Musical

HAMILTON set the world on fire. The best kind of fire: fire of the mind and of the heart. Not only was Hamilton: An American Musical the most-sought after ticket of our lifetime, but, overnight Lin-Manuel Miranda (and his spell-binding cast) inspired a rabidly enthusiastic and passionate fandom across the internet with an unmatched fervor for learning. …


I very much struggled with sharing this image.  But, now more than ever we need to know there is nothing special about neutrality.  Neutrality is on the side of the oppressor.  If your differences are hateful and steeped in racism, bigotry, misogyny, etc., I accept nothing of you.  I am an educated, progressive, intersectional feminist, not a pushover. …

i made a lot of mistakes

i made a lot of mistakes the song he sang said an old home, i would know in the future. Vanish, please. mastering the mask, put this sting in in always in A big, new, blurry rage. i made a lot of mistakes. and that made me feel better, don’t ask why. burn, fuck it, …

It is not a dangerous place. It is a serious place. A picturesque coast town that was so bright, safe.
The supposed vacationland.
Frigid gales turn your skin to gooseflesh crispy steps smoke, but no fire
winter, a liar

one world

When the math teacher came down the hallway screaming, I thought there was a school shooter. Naturally, we stampeded the door and left our geometry books behind. She led us into the library where a live news broadcast of New York City was on TV and we witnessed a plane fly into the second World …

Butterflies are Still Scary

We were rained out of the BOTANIC gardens, luckily, there was the butterfly pavilion. And as it turns out, I am still a huge wuss when it comes to getting close to any kind of winged anything. But, even in the face of grave danger, the kind of danger butterflies pose, I will persevere in …

open road

Leaving in order to forget. The same gloaming infiltrating the molecules of this heart. So the road welcomes me with open arms, but not with warm wind. Needing to destroy, hushed. There’s a defiance, finally from within. Recording the light and struggling to remember. To create is to paint in black and white.  

Twilight, candy and art. The cars, colors, and magic dribbles. Never going too fast. Enjoy the bubbles. Pops and smooth broken up by the bright brakes. A night dazzling.    

visions of nature

a marvelous light, I see burning never had there been a trance so deep my river the mind quiet and awake never the same and constant the constitution of nature balancing between magnificence and savagery    

The Rocks