Doubt on fire


Taking leaps into the unknown is a joy unlike any other. Like the time I was brought to the edge of a small waterfall and told to jump off. It still fills me with pride that I (eventually) did ungracefully hurl myself over the edge of the cliff.

So why was signing up for a meditation education program intimidating?

I love meditation. It helps me more than I can express. Meditation taught me what it is that I am setting out to do is more important than not doing anything. Fear trumps nothing. There’s less of a chance of becoming blurred out if I can focus (like on the breath).

And so I’ve signed up for the meditation program.

Stay tuned as I involve myself in activist programs that bring mindfulness and education to people who are incarcerated. Mass incarceration must be addressed. Mind care is for everyone and everyone deserves to feel like they belong to themselves.

Getting to this place took a lot of being uncomfortable. In meditation you become more accustomed to get comfy with uncomfortableness. It took a lot of saying “yes” when I didn’t want to. It took sticking with something I wanted to run away from.

This is on-going. Training unnecessary flight-or-fight responses out of the mind, body, and spirit is and always will be a work in progress.

Making the decision to follow through isn’t easy, but I am not the kind of person to turn around at the edge of a cliff. I jumped.