Flowing with it

Last night at dinner there was a realization that there’s nothing that can be done.

You have to flow with it.

There is no changing the universe. There is no changing the world—there is only changing the universe FOR someone else.

Because in this day and age I have the opportunity to create my own business centered around healing, as well as consider going back to school—in today’s world that’s what I call winning the historical jackpot involving the 38 billion or so people who have existed on earth.

That is what I call a responsibility to do better.

And so I am going to flow with it. As an intensely historical person, this is my life challenge that I’ve accepted. This meditative journey that I’ve been on is showing my path in a way before me I’ve never experienced. It’s not a walked path, but it is a *clear* path.

Stay present, my friends.