black & bored

I have a goal of meditating for 365 days in a row and I broke my 25 day streak.


In order to get back on track today I had the idea I would take all the meditation magazines I bought for my “manifesting my happiness in 2018” diary and doing one mindfulness exercise from them everyday. I seem to be good at taking them places intending to read the articles, and then getting sucked up into the vortex that is my phone.

My flow journal is in conjunction with the shots I’m actively taking when having anxiety attacks in my car (where I get it the most).

After another day like today where I forgot my anxiety meds, had to go to the DMV, and am fighting a cough that won’t die, honestly, just the very thought of coming home, lighting a candle and being in the quiet is tantalizing. I feel lucky that mindfulness is a practice I get to have for myself at the end of the day (and really anytime).