HAMILTON set the world on fire.

The best kind of fire: fire of the mind and of the heart. Not only was Hamilton: An American Musical the most-sought after ticket of our lifetime, but, overnight Lin-Manuel Miranda (and his spell-binding cast) inspired a rabidly enthusiastic and passionate fandom across the internet with an unmatched fervor for learning. Upon seeing the musical with the original cast (I can die happy) it really is no wonder why; I’ve been lucky enough to see Broadway shows and original stage productions across the country my whole life, and I have never experienced a show where each cast member steals the show. After all, this is the one and only show where that ol’ Broadway decorum rule book got tossed from the train; As each cast member claimed their place in the revolution on stage, the audience would absolutely lose their shit. Lin-Manuel Miranda literally had to wait for a full minute before he could begin performing. The cast painted the stage with the color of their souls. It oozed from the walls. I didn’t move from my seat at intermission.  As the show drew to a close, I looked around Richard Rodgers and took in his weeping audience. We stood in ovation for a long time.

When everyone has a seat at the table revolutions take place.

The chaos, the fun, the gathering in the street. It was beyond. Also, I saw Oak and Daveed after the show!

This is the magical message I received from HAM. It makes complete sense that we are rediscovering a powerful and unstoppable connection to the revolutionary language of 1776 as America has been and continues to be stabbed in the back by an insatiably greedy ruling class. But, now more than ever, I believe we need to hang on to the hope this moment contains. Our revolution is one of color. We are a rainbow species. Not one of us is the same as another and that more than anything is to be protected, preserved, and expanded upon. We have the opportunity to completely institute that future. We were thirsty for this music. We were desperate for their voices. In them we found hope. In them we found our power as “The People” once again. This is a “war” cry. A “war” cry for independence, once again, from a mechanism designed to dehumanize in order to ravenously profit. We know now how much danger democracy is in, and we will not throw away our shot at saving her. Just you wait.