I very much struggled with sharing this image.  But, now more than ever we need to know there is nothing special about neutrality.  Neutrality is on the side of the oppressor.  If your differences are hateful and steeped in racism, bigotry, misogyny, etc., I accept nothing of you.  I am an educated, progressive, intersectional feminist, not a pushover.  This isn’t to be dramatic, it is to honor the historian within me.  I simply cannot ignore how easily legitimized hateful rhetoric can backslide into physical reality and genocide.  And that is why I share this image of Nazi conglomeration.  It’s a warning.  It’s my way of peacefully rejecting everything this president-elect embodies with his actions, appointees, speech, and silence.  The Germans let stand this horrid space in Nuremberg to remind us all:  We must extinguish every last vestige of othering anywhere on Earth.  Germany looked their darkest hour right in the face and left remnants of Nazism standing so that everyone is able to see and touch the reality of what happens when fascist, white nationalism/supremacy takes root.  Is it not a moral responsibility to make sure a regime of this nature cannot and will not flourish anywhere else on Earth again?  Samantha Power wrote a book about genocide in the 20th century called “A Problem from Hell.”  In it she details the reason for committing genocide across the world are as basic and shallow as hateful people are.  My question then, to those telling us liberals to “calm down,” about a Trump presidency is this: Humans have long been committing genocide in the past for no reason whatsoever, what kinds of atrocities will be committed against humanity when there’s no more clean water?  No clean air?  No farming?  We have but one life.  Why spend it hating?  Why spent it othering?  Today, I have the privilege to call out hate and hypocrisy, and so I will.  That is the moral responsibility of an educated global citizen with the right to freedom of speech.  So, I hope this picture is painful to see.  I hope this picture elicits rage, pain, and utter shame.  And that is exactly how I feel about my country legitimizing hate.  How many times will we say as a human race, “Never again?”
How many?