The Revolution will not be Televised

Global citizens of the world should read these books, if they haven’t already.

There is no viable future in giving even more control to a billionaire class so that it can become a trillionaire one. What is to be done about this impending tsunami given today is January 20th, 2017? IMHO Bernie Sanders and Naomi Wolf have a very clear cut plan; his book outlines what we want.  Hers is about execution. In order to survive the next century, these are the textbooks that teach us how to begin fulfilling humanity’s need for equality. My name is Cassandra and I am pro-person. I am pro working moms, struggling students, homeless veterans, over-worked and underpaid teachers, nurses, social workers, and care givers, etc. I am pro black lives. I am pro woman; I am pro every government in the world letting her learn, letting her choose when/if to be a mother. I am pro the world seeing and respecting the sex and gender spectrum. I am pro eradicating every racially oppressive institution in existence. I am pro clean water, renewable energy, and better recycling infrastructure. And as much as I am pro the lives of humanity, I am against their monstrous exploitation. If wanting and working towards maintaining a healthy planet with a healthy, compassionate population makes me radical, then I gladly revel in the label.  Happy reading.  Happy organizing.  Happy revolutionizing.