gunned down

*I swear in this, I apologize. The subject makes my blood boil.*

Just thought I would share this Frontline doc, from January, on our refusal as a nation to address in any way, shape, or form the problem with guns.

Not only have we seen an absorbent amount of gun violence perpetuated against everyone from high school students, to movie-goers, to Planned Parenthood workers, to church goers, to elementary school children, we still stand idly by and just accept that this amount of terror in our lives is just normal…that nothing, NOTHING can be done.

I call bullshit.


Watch this short, concise, and devastating documentary and then try to tell me there’s nothing to be done.

People don’t need a Bushmaster 3000, a high capacity military-grade assault weapon that was used to blast apart six-year old babies.



Also, don’t sideline any argument about the undeniable NEED for COMMON SENSE gun laws with the argument that mental healthcare is the culprit.

I’m mentally ill, and I’m pretty much focused on trying not to hurt MYSELF.

Maybe, if we had an actual healthcare system that wasn’t based on share holders making billions off human misery, mental healthcare wouldn’t be a such god damn luxury for the mentally ill. Stop believing the myth that people like me, and those who I sit in groups with, are the ones who meticulously plot to shred our fellow human beings with bullets. Just FYI, we’re pretty much focused on how to survive our own brains, not kill others.

The real terrorists are the NRA lobbyists defending not closing gun show loop holes, defending the need for citizens to buy high capacity magazines, defending that background checks don’t need to happen, defending the need for people who’re on a no-fly list to buy assault weapons, defending the need for citizens to buy guns like the ones used in Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, and Aurora.

Let me repeat: the terrorists are the NRA lobbyists.

And all, ALL of the NRA’s reps, including Wayne ‘I don’t give a fuck about anything but money’ La Pierre refused, REFUSED to be interviewed by PBS.

Oh, I see, the NRA’s lobbyists are willing to circle-jerk each other’s bought and paid for congressman on the Senate floor, and dance on the graves of the victims of gun violence.

But…they won’t actually sit down, on camera, and defend the indefensible position of no control on guns need be present in our massacred times.

Seems about right, you bloody fucking cowards.