How Does it Feel to be a Problem?

With the amount of vitriolic hatred and Islamophobia going around online, I’d like to ask one question:

Do you know how many Muslims die at the hands of terrorists?

Because it’s a whole hell of a lot more than any other socially-constructed group of people anywhere.

Also, my personal hero, Malala Yousafzai, is Muslim. Who got shot in the head for going to school.

And she still fights for children’s education worldwide (which is only solution to this problem โ€“ care to join her governments of the world?!?).

Also, world media flips it’s lid over Paris (no, not that we shouldn’t see coverage of it), but has no coverage of Nigeria’s attacks. Or Cameroon’s, or Beirut’s, or anywhere else where lots of Muslims died at hands of terrorists.

We see what you’re doing, world media: Exhaust the fires of people’s unnatural bigotry to sell war, thereby cutting off help to those desperately trying to flee terrorists, and no changes need be made by the “civilized world” entrenched deep in racism.

Yes, government theocracies work a bit different as in our bloody, morally bankrupt, allies like Saudi Arabia. Maybe they shouldn’t be our allies, but then corporations like Lockheed Martin wouldn’t turn quite as much profit making war machines and death (that sometimes end up in the hands of terrorists, go US!).

The enemy is unbridled capitalism, greed, and an unrelenting reinforcement of the hatred of anyone non-white; its all too damn familiar within our own history as a country.

Bottom line: I’m sorry to the Muslims around the world and here in the US who are just living life, who fear retribution for the actions of disconnected psychopaths.

One person’s actions do not define the actions of 1.3 billion people.

Kind of like how when white men commit acts of terrorism, no white guys fear retribution. More white men have terrorized America than any other socially constructed group of people.

We are a country born out of white man’s terror, genocide, and enslavement. Entire generations of white men committed heinous acts and we don’t assume every white guy is a murdering, psychopathic, killing machine. Even though our gov’t does so. Even though most of the terrorist acts committed here were by white men.

So do I put every white guy I know or see in that category?!?


It’s time to stop putting all of Islam’s followers in the same realm as the terrorists. Divided we fall, United we stand.

I would highly recommend reading Mr. Moustafa Bayoumi’s publication about being young and Arab in Brooklyn, NY in order to learn more about the problem of racialization in the US.